Franklin County School District posts coronavirus policies effective Jan. 18

by Sean Dunlap

The sharp rise in coronavirus cases has prompted the Franklin County School District to implement protective policies for students and personnel beginning Tuesday, Jan. 18, according to an announcement from Superintendent of Education Chris Kent.

“All faculty, staff and students will wear masks anytime they are indoors in any school building, facility or bus starting Jan. 18 until further notice,” Kent said.

Other FCSD coronavirus guidelines announced for local campuses include:

• If a student or district employee test positive for COVID-19, they have to quarantine for a minimum of five days.

If they have no symptoms after five days, they can return to campus and must wear a mask.

If they continue to have symptoms, they will need to stay home until all symptoms are gone.

• If a student or district employee is exposed to COVID-19 — whether at school, at home or in the community — they can come to school or work as long as they have no symptoms and wear a mask.

If they begin to show symptoms, they will need to go home and be tested.