ATV Safety Course being offered

The Franklin County Extension Service is offering a 4-H ATV Safety course on Tuesday, Sept. 18.
The course offers youth the opportunity to learn safe and responsible operation of ATV machines.
The training does not only focus on the rider/operators, but also focuses on the environment and allows participants the opportunity to make sound decisions. The program consists of instruction in two separate settings.
The first is a classroom training to be conducted at the Extension Office on Tuesday, Sept. 18 starting at 3:30 p.m. Youth completing the classroom portion of the program will then be able to participate in the ATV Rider Course portion of the program.
The second part of the program is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. The riders course is a hands-on instruction where youth will be trained in proper riding techniques while riding age-appropriate ATV’s provided by the Extension Office.
More detailed scheduling for the Sept. 28 event will be made after the classroom portion of the program is completed on Sept. 18 since riders must be grouped by age. Youth participating must attend both classes in order to be certified in the training program.
The program is open to youth ages 10-18, but the programs are limited in the number of participants for each class.
Pre-registration is required by Monday, Sept. 16.
For more information, or to sign up for this training, contact the Franklin County Extension Office at 601-384-2349.
information on these courses can also be found at

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